Monday, December 27, 2010

Something we have been putting off to do for another day

As, with the holidays have come and gone we have yet, until today to create, post and critique this wonderful technology available to help guide us through this mass of information. WELL, hear it is the final hours or days we have wracked our brains trying to figure all of this stuff out! We think this is the part, where (within reason) we can SHOUT OUT, in an attempt for our voices to be heard... I (the female voice, who loves to talk and yes I am from the south) have alot to tell, he (in the male voice, who also loves to talk, although from the north) have alot to add, and hope this thing works out for the best in all of us!

So, as some of you are just as lost as we are, scratching our heads in disbelief. We have what seems in an overnight flurry decided to become entrepreneurs in the small business market of today's unsteady demand for such an industry.  Although, the idea of natural stuff is growing! Are we absolutely crazy? We say yes! In more ways than some will ever know. However, if we had never opened ourselves up and tried, then we never have truly lived. If you know us personally, you will know we live everyday passionately and not willing to miss one single moment, good, bad or indifferent.
So, as we set out on our most recent adventure, we welcome you to come along and join us, watch us or just sit on the sidelines and just take notes, either way we are going to make the most of this with our entire heart!

Someday, we hope to set back and read this and maybe giggle or who knows maybe cry, but nonetheless read it ! We hope to make a difference in peoples lives, as people have often helped us in times past, present and future.  As we sit an talk amongst ourselves and say "we could never be wealthy, our hearts are too big and we would always ( and do to this day) give what we have to help someone less fortunate out." But we do talk of the things we would love to do if we had it to give.
We are not trying to change the world, we would love to educate people of the value of good health, we are both blessed with good health and have seem many misfortunes, some due to their own hands, others at the hands of the commercial industry (promoting their products as helpful) when uninformed persons consume their products and the outcome is not so helpful. We both have secular jobs along with a small business, I am sure most small business owners will say the same, and to the lives we encounter (as we both work in healthcare), we have been blessed or cursed to see firsthand the raw dealings of commercial industry products. Hence, we are taking it back to the way things used to be ALL NATURAL!

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