Friday, December 31, 2010

Tribute to the Troops

Our Tribute to the Troops
Coming in to this small business stuff, as we tossed ideas between ourselves trying to decide what we want to stand for, what we wish all companies could stand for! Hardwork, integrity, perseverance all of the same qualitites our service men and women stand for! In scratching our heads and brain storming of what we would like to do in attempts to make a small difference in peoples lives, this was one of the first ideas up for immediate attention. To serve those whom are serving our country. We have posted this on Facebook and Twitter, but if your not are friends or followers you simply do not know about "Operation Healthy Options" this is a program created for family members of overseas service members to help us, help them show our appreciation! All we have asked is for a person interested to send us an email to ,subject "Operation Healthy Options" enclose the service members name, complete military address and we will send them a special thank you care, package of various soaps, a creme, lipbalm and several powders, things we feel they would be of great use of in the field!
To our dismay, this idea hasn't taken off the way we want YET, we are hoping that as the word gets around and people realize we are genuinely grateful and not phishing, they will allow us to help show some gratitude for all of our soldiers, sailors, corpsmen, airmens' hardwork, dedication and sacrifices! From a grateful vet to those serving, Thank you.

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  1. happy new year! the business cards look wonderful! the military care package send out was so thoughtful and a great way to thank and support our troops! my husband greatly appreciated his! the products are ALL very soothing and leave your skin very soft! cant wait to see whats to come!