Monday, January 10, 2011

To Talc, or Not to Talc

Everyone knows about Talc, the silky fine white powder that we sprinkle on our babies behinds, put in our shoes, under our arms and in our panties for that fresh, dry, just showered feeling (sometimes just when you really need it) or just because Shower to Shower, makes your favorite scent. Most people would know this is body powder or baby powder or even foot powder! Besides in powder, talc is lurking in other everyday places of your home as well, such as in antacids, garden pesticides, pet flea repellents, in smaller quantities as chalk, crayons, soap and textiles.

Some would argue and say, well isn't talc a ground rock or mineral? So that makes it all natural, and isn't all natural healthy?  Most of the time, we would say YES, but before going all out NATURAL, do a little research to find out WHO, says WHAT about all natural and what is healthy. Be informed about your decisions, most importantly be your own health care advocate!

So whats the big deal then, Talc is a crushed mineral that has very good qualities as moisture control, which is why we LOVE powder!, but Talc comes with a few small issues ( not really small) while the rock/ mineral is crushed an sifted and the usable talc as soft as it is has become a very inexpensive alternative to remaining fresh and dry. The tiny micro fibers cannot be sifted and are very similar to asbestos, we all know the trouble asbestos has caused! Talc is VERY closely related to asbestos, so close it causes some of the same types of problems as asbestos, such as respiratory illnesses. For nearly 30 years, scientific studies have concluded that talc closely resembles the qualities of asbestos and contains dangerous similarities. In regards to this the FDA has not stepped up and demanded this be removed, but enacted the use of COSMETIC GRADE TALC, in short it is still TALC, it just has a smaller quantity of asbestos like fibers. In 1993 a National Toxicology program  concluded "Clearly with or without asbestos-like fibers, cosmetic grade talcum powder is a carcinogen".

Talc has been found to the considered source of ovarian cancer in women as research has shown the increased risk is greater by women of use in talc in genital area, as the talc particles have been found embedded in the lining of the ovaries. Am I pointing fingers, well maybe! But what I am really saying is to BE informed, do the necessary research and be proactive.

Google, Yahoo or Bing research the dangers of TALC and see for yourself! While your at it, with the same search engine research the Dangers of Cornstarch or Arrowroot, and most you will find it that if you use too much, your gravy will be too thick, but used as a powder, antiperspirant or deodorant, you will be ok, no implications of cancer are noted!

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  1. Great blog! I actually have recently been sprinkling baby powder here and there to feel that extra freshness. I had no idea it could be harmful. Thanks for the info.

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    Thanks! :)

  2. What a great informative post! Thanks for sharing!! Also, thanks for visiting Carrigan's Joy; I'd love to set up a product review. Please email me @ I don't know of any other way to get in touch with you. :)