Thursday, January 20, 2011

That white sweet stuff, isn't so sweet!

                                         THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF ASPARTAME
You all know what white stuff I am referring to, we all have used it at one time or another! We have consumed this poison some times with intention, other without ever knowing it crossed our lips. Why is that, why would we have consumed something so safe and yet this person (actually lots of persons) on blogs or website pages are saying this stuff is poison?
The government starting at the top, G. D. Searle, Donald Rumsfeld, Ronald Reagan and the FDA, says it is safe, so it must be safe, right?
This is one topic, I am VERY passionate about! The government says it is safe, it spreads like wildfire through supermarkets and commercially manufactured products, and BOOM, we have aspartame laden everything. Suddenly after 20-30 something years later we have an increase in cancer, dementia, and this list could go on and consume my entire day. This just happens to be the 2 most common diseases that interest me most, because we are seeing these 2 disease processes earlier and earlier than ever before. WHY? We could have been pregnant and trying to eat healthy? While consuming little calories, for fear of getting too fat? Oh, no it was the 12 pack of coke zero we consumed after baby was born, yet we are still breastfeeding? Nope, that wasn't it either. It was the children's sugar free Tylenol, or Motrin we give due to them teething. HUUMM, still not sure?
Everything, everywhere.. says, SUGAR FREE, LOW CALORIE, NO CALORIES. Please do not believe all that garbage. That is where they get you, it may (benefit) you now, because your losing weight or trying to stay looking healthy. That is not a (benefit) for later, we you have declining health or don't remember your husbands name, how sexy is that!
So I know you all didn't sign up for a history lesson, but I have to tell you how this super white sweet stuff got here, and how you can do your part to protect yourself and your family! I will try not to bore you terribly.
The GD Searle Company (no known as Pfizer) employed a scientist named, James Schlatter, while Schlatter was working on an anti ulcer drug, POOF came the poison we know as aspartame later patented as (Nutra Sweet) this all happened back in 1965ish. While Searle was working with the FDA to get their products approved for the market, and we all know, this was a HUGE breakthrough! In 1974, the FDA "approved " this as a food additive. Well as history goes and some companies integrity's, this part gets really interesting in how our "leaders" help to mold this country. Also in 1974, the FDA set up a task force to actually test this product that was labeled as "approved", in 1976 the FDA was scratching their heads at Searles testing procedures. The final report from the FDA, to Searle was something like they reported faulty and fraudulent testing on their products.In 1977, the Bressler Report summed up the lies and the truth.  So this doesn't sound like the works of the government? Well there is more behind the scenes (as usually the case). Donald Rumsfeld (yes you know the one) was elected Chairman of Searle, and was instructed to "mend fences" with the FDA and get this approved. Rumsfeld was furious over the truth being brought to light, and he declared in one way or another, he would get this approved! Well guess what, after the FDA's own  Senior toxicologist Adrian Goss once told Congress, “beyond a shadow of a doubt aspartame triggers brain tumors.” So you ask if it was determined to be so detrimental to human life, how is it we consume it virtually everyday. This is the other part where I tell you about how power is used in a not so healthy way. In January 1981, the world announces a new leader of this great nation.. (drum roll please). President Ronald Reagan, I am not knocking his role as a great president, but like most, he made a few mistakes.. HUGE mistakes. Reagan appointed Hayes as FDA's new commissioner and as the story would go, the rest is history.. but I can't leave you hanging, so Hayes as the new commissioner appointed by Reagan, overrules the previous decisions and hands down the ruling that aspartame is GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for consumption.
Just because this country is full of dirty politicians and companies that lack integrity, doesn't mean you cannot be your own health care advocate, and do the hard work and look on product labels and refuse to consume poisons such as aspartame and "other words" such as contains phenylalanine. These products are not safe.
So do a little research, go search MSDS (material safety data sheets) and look for aspartame. The warning under swallowed "harmful if swallowed". Here is a link!

I can' scream enough to tell people to do your own research for the safety of your own lives, and well being of your future! I can however, offer up a suggestion. You may be asking, how to avoid everything that contains aspartame and what are your options. Luckily, the anti- aspartame movement has caught on more over the last several years, so now even your local Wal-Mart sells the herb Stevia or also known as rebaudiana, it is also white, sweet and no calories, it is naturally occurring in the wild, as a plant. Other countries have recognized it and used it before we did. It has no harmful side effects and it is relatively inexpensive. It comes in a GREEN box, and it is sold in the herb section of most Wal Marts, however, probably all herb stores carry is as well. It comes packaged in many forms, in its natural state it is actually a green powder, no one wants a green powder floating in their sweet tea, so it also comes in convenient little package that contain the refined white powder and also in a liquid tincture dropper style bottle. I am no way the "endorser" of Truvia, but it is a Stevia based product also, that contains Stevia and erythritol, both are great alternatives to aspartame and the health benefits are not hazardous to your health. Actually the Truvia ingredient label reads: "erythritol, rebiana, natural flavors". What I am saying is please, please read labels! Another group jumping on the stevia bandwagon is Crystal Light, some Vitamin Waters has started using "rebiana" in their products and it states on labels.!
Be aware! Be Proactive, and become a label reader!


  1. I will have to try Stevia.

    Thanks again for such great info!

  2. Aspartame scares me, too. In my case, after ingesting much of it, I get sick and wind up with a headache. My mom gets dizzy and sick as does one of my two sisters - the other sister drinks it all the time. I don't let my kids near the stuff.