Sunday, January 30, 2011

All Natural or is it Un- Natural?

It seems it will be a lesson on vocabulary and definitions vs the history lesson of the previous blog, as we have become label readers from long ago. It has recently been brought to our attention lately as people ask us about our products and the "all natural " approach and what they have been taught that is "all natural" based on what they have read from an ALL NATURAL label, instead of taking the dictionary or a MSDS sheet with them as they read the list of ingredients. I want to share with you a recent conversation....

We had some one contact us and ask us what our ingredients were and the conversation went something like this <consumer> "I'm very allergic to a lot of stuff, even natural", <Healthy Options> " Depending on what your allergic to, I could tell you what you may want to avoid" we were discussing various types of soaps, and this is our frustration, as the conversation continues, <consumer>"I'm allergic to artificial coloring, and most harsh ingredients in soap (like antibacterial, stuff added for extra cleaning like detergents) are too harsh on my skin" and lastly, <Healthy Options> As we are scratching our heads, all natural labels that claims its stake to artificial coloring and extra stuff? We are not understanding but anyway, on with the conversation! "We add NO, artificial scents/ fragrances, oils or colors to our soaps, or any of our products. These companies that tout to be all natural, and yet the ingredients list things you cannot pronounce or have hidden preservatives. I totally understand your concerns, and I am glad your concerned enough to ask, most people do not care."
So off on my soap box, really!  So where might this be going, per Websters online dictionary natural is defined as "being in accordance with or determined by nature; having or constituting a classification based on features existing in nature." and moreover, Unnatural is being defined as "not being in accordance with nature or consistent with a normal course of events; inconsistent with what is reasonable or expected." 
Fragranced oil, preservatives (not of natural source) and all that other fluff that gets added to soaps, bath and beauty products such as Sodium Laurel Sulphates, Parabens, Phalathates & Petrochemicals is not needed or necessary, is also not so natural, yet big commercial producers of "all natural " products use at least one of these products in the ingredients list!. I will write later on these terrible additives, but in the meantime..... 

Be proactive, be a label reader! 
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  1. Thanks for the info. I love your blog.

  2. Good stuff! I particulary like the fact that you are using muslim wrap. This is something my grandma would have used. I might also mention that it looks pretty as well. All this other types of packaging stuff is filling up our landfills. Keep up the good work!

    Holly Ridgley
    Hahira, GA